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Veterinary Exam

Book your pet's next wellness exam to keep them happy and healthy.

Veterinary Exam

Book your pet's next wellness exam to keep them happy and healthy.

Did you know that cats are masters of disguise? They are great at hiding their symptoms if they are suffering or in pain. This is one reason why you should regularly bring in your pet for a veterinary exam. We recommend that you bring your pet for a veterinary exam once a year.

Dundas Euclid Animal Hospital offers a special rate for all puppy and kitten examinations. Feel free to call us at (416) 362-9696 to learn more about veterinary exams or to book an appointment.

What happens during the first veterinary exam visit?

During your first veterinary exam visit, we conduct a complete examination of your pet. The veterinarian will check all the vitals and take notes to create a baseline for your pet’s health. We will discuss proper nutrition, training, grooming, socialization tips, and parasite prevention. You can ask questions and discuss your concerns with the vet during or after the examination.

My pet is healthy. Should I still take my pet to the annual veterinary exam?

Even if your pet is healthy or seems healthy, they still need regular veterinary exams. These annual checkups help veterinarians monitor your pet’s overall health and detect and diagnose any symptoms that might have gone unnoticed. Remember, prevention is always better than cure.

Are diagnostic tests included in the veterinary exams?

After running a physical exam, the veterinarian might recommend diagnostic tests to accurately diagnose symptoms they noticed during the physical exam. While these are recommended based on the veterinary exam, they are not a part of it. Thus, additional charges may apply.

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